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Contract IT Services in Orange County

Welcome to Blackcomb’s Website. In need of break-fix support for your small or medium business? On it. Looking to move into the cloud but not sure how or what you need? Got your back, let’s do it! Looking to purchase some new desktops, tablets, or servers? They are on the way.

Here at Blackcomb, service is not just a catch-phrase, it’s how we do things. From service to sales to support, we hope we can help you and your business on your journey to success.

Microsoft 365

Heard about the cloud but not sure how it can apply to your business? Want to ensure your business has the power of Microsoft behind it? Talk to Blackcomb today about what Microsoft 365 can do for you.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is the power behind Microsoft’s cloud on-demand delivery of IT resources over public or private networks with zero up-front costs, no long-term contracts, and pay-as-you-go pricing. Let Blackcomb leverage the power of Azure for your business!


An unwavering dedication to you, the customer. Why would we be here otherwise? We donโ€™t just sell something, we walk through the process together. We want to be your partner in IT, not just another vendor.


Lowest industry prices around. Our focus is building a relationship with you, regardless if you spend a dollar or thousands. While most companies only offer you expensive contracts, we offer break-fix alternatives that allow you to get back to doing what you do best, run your business.


Selling a product is easy, but what happens when something goes wrong? What about if you need help with it? Here at Blackcomb, we know our product line and have a passion for IT, and we are here to help.